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my approach to care

I work with each client to identify the type and range of services and approaches that she or he feels best meets her or his needs and preferences. I have worked with individuals, couples, and families for short and more long term treatment.


Although I prescribe medications, I am conservative in off-label usage. I do not automatically promote a new drug the moment that it is released onto the market and I do not believe that pharmacological interventions are always necessary or appropriate. 


In my practice, I may incorporate different types of psychotherapy, however I have developed my own CBT hybrid called "Insight-oriented CBT©", which is based on core principles and practices of CBT, but integrates more psychodynamic work when appropriate and helpful.

I have knowledge and experience with alternative treatments and consider lifestyle and quality of life factors to be critical in mental health and sustained recovery from illness. 


Important quality of life issues may involve physical health, regular exercise and fitness, healthy diet, regenerative sleep, meaningful work, financial security, residential stability, satisfying interpersonal relationships, recreational pursuits, creative expression, and spiritual practices.


I have a lifetime of experience as a family member. My mother suffered from untreated Bipolar Disorder and my sister was disabled by Schizophrenia. Both died prematurely and neither was well served by either the public or private mental health system. I have also personally suffered from depression and anxiety throughout my life. I believe these experiences have made me a better person, physician and healer.

While I currently work in private practice, my goal is to establish a multidisciplinary center for mental health and wellness in the San Francisco Bay area, one that is driven by principles of recovery and provides integrated mental health, substance use treatment and primary care; a variety of healthcare approaches; and a range of residential, rehabilitative and vocational services including self-help, fitness, and peer support programs for individuals and families.


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